About The Gouda Shop

Gouda is perhaps best known for Gouda cheese (which is not actually made in Gouda, but has always been traded here). The locals know that there is much more to be proud of. From products such as stroopwafels, Gouda pottery and Gouda candles, to famous Gouda residents from the past such as Erasmus, Coornhert and Vroman.

All of this was the reason to start a webshop where locals as well as visitors will be able to find something beautiful about Gouda, or from Gouda, or made by a local artist. As a longtime resident of Gouda, I am proud of my town and I think we should all spread a little more Gouda pride.

Some items in the shop are well known, some are less known and have been given a larger platform by The Gouda Shop. But what I like most is developing new products together with local artists. The results are truly unique and original.

For example, you will find ceramics from locals Dieuwertje Verhagen and Joyce Denie in the shop. And working with illustrator Thijs Jansen has been especially fun and has led to rather a lot of Gouda products. Well worth mentioning is the Polish street artist Luntrus, who made a small number of copies of his unique Gouda Milkmaid especially for The Gouda Shop.

I hope that the articles in my webshop provide a broader picture of Gouda and that the shop does our town justice. Are you missing something, or do you have questions about articles, subjects or artists? Please contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

Tessa Halm