This medium-sized town stands for more than 750 years and has grown into a beautiful central point in the green heart of Holland. The medieval center of Gouda is stunning. The Town Hall, in the middle of the Markt, is world famous and the surrounding streets and the Gouda canals are very attractive and well worth a visit.

The town is a source of inspiration for local (and less local) artists. And this results in a nice range of stylish, unique and fun products.

For example, wonderful puzzles have been drawn by a local illustrator and they can hold their own to Jan van Haasteren. Small items, which are easy to send by post or take with you in hand luggage, can be found in this shop. Such as the unique wooden Town Halls, developed by The Gouda Shop.

Many books have been written about the town and a selection of these can of course also be found here. It goes without saying that typical Gouda products have been inspiring for artists. Who wouldn’t want a stroopwafel in their Christmas tree!?

In short; be sure to browse through all the articles and if you miss something, send me a message, because maybe I can get it for you!

Also for sale at “Heb ik VIA”

A selection from The Gouda Shop is also on offer in the fantastic department store “Heb ik VIA” in the centre of Gouda (Lange Groenendaal). Be sure to visit this shop if you are in Gouda.