I feel it is important to emphasize that almost all of the products in our shop are either typical for Gouda, made by a Gouda artist, or depict something special about our town. 

So what is on offer? Some examples are listed here, but please be aware there is much, much more to find in the shop! Fortunately, I now also have a webshop. So, you can browse approximately 95% of everything I have on offer, online. In addition, if there is anything particular you are looking for, please get in touch. If I don’t have it in the shop, I will surely be able to help you find it.

This is the second Gouda puzzle I commissioned, after the first one sold out within a year. This cartoon was made by the wonderfully talented local illustrator and artist, Thijs Jansen. The puzzle arrived in the shop halfway through December 2020 and we used it for the Gouda Championship where different teams tried to complete this puzzle as fast as they could. At home, because of the lockdown!






This is beer, locally brewn, at the Town Brewery, De Goudsche Leeuw. I have different kinds of beer in stock and can also order the other kinds the brewery makes as well. And I have their beer glass in stock as well!


These were made especially for my shop, by one of the last pipe makers alive in Gouda, Kees Moerings. I sell them in a neat box and they also come with an information sheet with information on the history of Gouda’s pipe culture.