If you’re wondering who the owners are of The Gouda Shop. Well, we are Wian and Tessa van Breda. Tessa has lived in Gouda all her life and even though Wian is originally from Alphen aan den Rijn, he has completely lost his heart to Gouda.
The owners of the shop
Wian and Tessa van Breda. Picture taken on a bridge between the Oost and the Westhaven.
Tessa wanted her own business for years and, at the end of 2017, she realized that there was no real good giftshop in Gouda. A shop with items about Gouda, made by locals. The idea of ​​The Gouda Shop became more concrete in the course of 2018 when Tessa spoke about it with more and more people in Gouda. At the end of 2018 it was time to take the big step and she gave notice to quit her job as office manager.
The shop would never have been possible without the support of Wian. From the start he was involved with everything and the unique photo-booth at the back of the store was his idea. Wian is a Maths teacher at the Coornhert Gymnasium and he’s also very handy. With a friend, he made all the cupboards and the counter in The Gouda Shop.
The shop was finally able to open the door on 2 March 2019. Nine out of ten times you will meet Tessa in the store, but occasionally Wian takes over for a day or half a day.
We hope to see you in the shop!
Wian and Tessa van Breda
The owners of The Gouda Shop