In the back of our shop, the highly creative artist Marleen Dijkrent, of IN-KLEUR, has painted a mural. Here you will find a unique photo opportunity in the best giftshop in Gouda!
You will see Gouda as you have never seen it before. You will certainly recognize the town immediately, but everything is just a little different than what you are used to seeing. In addition to the Town Hall and the Waag, you will be able to spot a typical Gouda canal, a cheese shop and… There is a world-famous local who is peeking around the corner of the large green doors of the Waag. Really, there’s enough reasons we can claim that this is the best giftshop in Gouda!
What they can do in Volendam we can do in Gouda, but more unique, we have no problem in adding that claim to the aforementioned. No traditional costumes here, because Gouda does not really have that. Our town itself is more than enough to make a beautiful picture. Add some crazy attributes if you like, and you really have a unique photo opportunity.
This is a unique experience not only for visitors to our beautiful town, but also for local people of Gouda! Humor and laughter is an essential part of life and so far, all of those who have taken the boat down this particular canal in Gouda have had a lot of fun.
Have a professional photo taken in this special part of Gouda. We will print this photo immediately so you can take it home. We will also mail it to you, if you would rather have it digitally (we recommend posting it on your Facebook or Instagram account!)


Example of the photo booth experience
The Breda family trying out this unique Gouda Shop experience for themselves.
Couple in the photo booth
Stefano and Simone were one of the first couples to try out the photo booth.